Who Are We?


ornament1 We all desire to know and to be known. We see this in Genesis chapters 1 & 2. God, in all that HE is, said, “It was not good that man be alone!” We have both a man-shaped and a God-shaped hole in our heart. The Journey desires to be a place where you can connect with God and with people.


ornament1 We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We believe that everyone has a part to play in the bigger Story. Recognizing this, we at the Journey want you to engage personally with God-through Home and Ministry Groups. And to use your time, treasure and talents with the Community (both The Journey and the world around us) through Interest, Impact and Serving Groups.


ornament1 We are all in a constant position to learn more about who we are. We at the Journey, encourage growth in your faith, as a person, in the community and as a church. We want to help you grow in your beliefs and we want you to help us grow God’s Kingdom!


ornament1 If you missed a week or would like to hear the teaching again, we have an archive of our most recent sermons available online for you to view click. You can also access the most recent sermons via our mobile app (just search for “Journey Church San Jose” in your favorite app store).

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